Meet ID Check – the game changing ‘white label’ client due diligence app for business – created and powered by Elian

The ID Check app offers a completely paperless alternative to certified true copies for client due diligence purposes. The app, together with our unique e-verification process, provides an innovative solution that saves you and your clients time and money.

The​​​​​​ ​app is fully customisable for your business and brand and is available via the AppStore, GooglePlay and WindowsStore. ​

If you’re a lawyer, trustee​,​ broker, fund manager, administrator, or provide any regulated service and you want a better w​​​ay to conduct CDD on your individual clients, then you will be pleased to hear there’s finally an app for that.

So, how does the IDCheck app work?

The app enables your clients to upload their identity information in less than 5 minutes, from their smart phone or tablet anytime, anywhere, in four easy steps.

Step 1 – ask your client for CDD as normal, letting them know your now offering them a paperless alternative

Step 2 – your client downloads the ID Check app, presented in your brand, and follows the simple on screen process, where they’ll be asked to:

  • Take a photo of themselves
  • Take a photo of their passport identity page
  • Take a photo of their national ID card or driver’s licence
  • Take a photo of a recent utility bill
  • Input some basic identity information; and finally
  • Make a payment using their credit card or debit card via a secure payment gateway.

Step 3 – your client receives a completion confirmation, and all their information is securely uploaded to us.

Step 4 – we perform a suite of checks and compile a comprehensive, single-page, verification report for you, which is immediately available in a secure online portal.

And that’s it, your simple, low cost, paperless alternative to certified true copies.

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