Introducing Client Check – the comprehensive client due diligence solution for regulated businesses – created and powered by Elian.

Client Check is the complete outsourcing service for the collection, processing and storage of client due diligence information. No one can take away your responsibility for CDD, but we can help by taking on the administrative burden so you can focus on running your business.

As an award winning administration business we have applied all of our expertise and experience to the due diligence arena.

Combining Best of Breed cloud technology and our specialist teams, using the Client Check service will improve your operating efficiency, reduce your regulatory risk and enhance your clients’ on-boarding experience.

So, how does the Client Check service work?

First, we’ll carefully document your client due diligence policies and procedures.

Then we’ll set up a secure online portal which can be integrated with your existing IT systems.

Finally we’ll issue secure login credentials to your employees so that they can access the portal and start tasking us with CDD jobs. These can be

  • for any client type
  • for any jurisdiction
  • whenever they need to
  • from anywhere in the world
  • at any time; via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Upon receipt of a CDD job request, we will

  • collect the necessary information and supporting documentation
  • undertake your chosen suite of PEP, sanctions and background screening measures
  • drill down to ultimate beneficial owners and controllers
  • perform your specified risk assessment
  • conduct a 4-eyes review; and finally
  • safely store everything for your easy retrieval whenever you need it.

All based on your due diligence policies and procedures.

Your employees can track the progress of any job real time, setting-up push alerts if they want to be actively notified as soon as a job is complete.

They can retrieve a completed job any time they need to and access the supporting information and documentation with a simple click of their mouse.

Client Check will also help you demonstrate a robust approach to CDD and Compliance as part of any future regulatory reviews.

Client Check, the scalable, fully outsourced, secure alternative solution for Client Due Diligence for regulated businesses.

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