The launch of Investment Management by Elian is a logical extension of our services, responding to client requests to offer integrated and efficient investment management and administration. Working along side SEI, one of the world’s largest manager of managers, we provide Elian clients with an end-to-end investment management programme with a high level of diversification and access to some of the world’s best investment houses.

Our approach provides:

  • Access to leading investment managers from around the world
  • A process designed to manage risk, limit volatility and deliver consistent returns
  • Regular and continuous manager monitoring by a worldwide team of investment specialists

Why SEI?

Established in 1968, SEI is a leading provider of asset management solutions. It has over 2700 employees in offices around the world. SEI manages £146 billion in assets and administers £207 billion in client assets. The SEI team use the most up to date research to anticipate changing investor needs, creating solutions designed for both individual and institutional investors. Working with SEI gives Elian’s clients access to some of the world’s best managers, with rigorous monitoring and oversight, as part of a process designed to manage risk and deliver consistent returns. Recognising that investor goals are distinct and with varied time horizons, SEI understands that different investment approaches are needed depending on whether you are looking to preserve or accumulate wealth.

Our dynamic investment process offers:

Highly diversified portfolios

The asset allocation of each portfolio is designed to be diversified across up to five asset classes: equity, fixed income, property, liquidity and absolute return. These are aligned with a range of investor goals and attitudes to risk.

Active asset allocation

The asset allocation and funds within each portfolio are reviewed by our investment team on a continuous basis, which helps to ensure that the portfolios remain focused on their objectives.

Manager-of-managers approach

SEI selects investment experts who specialise in particular areas of the market and focus on a specific investment style. As a result, our portfolios are designed to provide a high level of diversification and offer greater potential for consistent returns while minimising the total risk.

Access to the world’s best managers

SEI’s team of around 100 specialists, located globally, select some of the world’s best investment managers, including international and boutique managers not usually available to the retail market. Continuous portfolio management SEI continually and rigorously monitors each manager’s philosophy, process, people and performance. Sophisticated technology enables them to monitor the portfolio holdings, helping to ensure that investment portfolios are aligned with overall strategies.

Transparency and control

The manager mandates within the SEI funds, which make up part of the portfolios, enable transparency into the underlying holdings and levels of risk across the funds on an ongoing basis. This level of control allows SEI to have an insight into the risk and performance of the strategic portfolio at all times.


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