Skip Hashimoto

Managing Director / Tokyo

Skip Hashimoto



Areas of expertise

  • Corporate Services
  • Hedge Fund Services
  • Unit Trusts


Skip has worked in the Japanese financial sector for over 15 years with the first three years working at Deutsche Securities as an economic research analyst as well as three additional years acting as the Liaison Officer and Business Development Manager for the Deutsche Bank Offshore Group (Deutsche Bank).

Following his stint with Deutsche Bank, Skip worked for Walkers (Walkers SPV) for six years and headed up the Tokyo branch of Walkers SPV Limited. During this time Skip mainly covered the SPV Administration and fund administration business with the added responsibility of business development for the Asia region with specific emphasis on the South Korean, Hong Kong and Singapore investment funds and structured finance markets.

Due to his background working on both the "buy-side" and "sales-side" as well as fund administration and custody, Skip is able to provide valuable insight and assist with the many potential challenges in setting up an offshore fund.