Elian provides secure online services for its clients and intermediaries. For more information on these and other services or to request access to relevant online services.

This system enables company secretaries and administrators to exchange confidential documentation with directors. BoardPack can house all current and archived board documents, which allows clients to search for what they need.

Classic Awards
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A fast and simple interactive platform for managing cash based employee incentive plans such as savings and deferred bonus plans, including participant and employer contributions, valuations and transaction histories. Participants have access to interactive modelling tools and can manage their investment preferences and request investment switches online.

Share Awards
An interactive platform to manage share based employee incentive plans and the associated participant awards. Plan registration, transactions, reports and AGM voting can all be completed online. Documents can be shared, all activity relating to awards is tracked and managed and participants have the ability to interactively model their financial position and maintain their personal details.

Document Share
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For peace of mind and extra convenience, our deal room and data room solution provides secure document access and exchange. Users can set up email notifications and access their documents, reports and notices on-demand. Documents are held securely in one place and can be accessed at any time, from any device.

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PlanTrack is used for the administration of share and cash based employee incentives.  Members can view details of their current awards together with valuations and a history of previous transactions.  Plan documentation and associated literature is available to view and download.

Tailored Awards
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Designed around client preferences, this is our bespoke system for employee incentive planning. It provides full access to plan assets for pension and deferred bonus plans and enables participants to view documents and make investment requests online.

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The ID Check app offers a completely paperless alternative to certified true copies for client due diligence purposes. The app, together with our unique e-verification process, provides an innovative solution that saves you and your clients time and money.

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CDDquick is Elianʼs version of IDCHECK. If you are an individual client of Elian you can forget the cost and inconvenience of certified true copies. Instead, download CDDquick to your smartphone or tablet device and submit your identity information to us in just 5 minutes, from anywhere, at anytime.

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Recent changes in international tax regulations (such as FATCA) mean that we now have to collect certain information from our clients regarding their tax status. To make this additional obligation as painless as possible for our clients, we have developed TXquick, a quick and easy e-form, to collect that data.