Ogier Fiduciary Services help QIC motivate and retain employees

July 24, 2014

QIC, in partnership with Ogier Fiduciary Services’ Performance & Reward Management team, has created a successful share plan which helps motivate, retain and incentivise QIC employees by enhancing their benefits package.

QIC is one of the leading insurers and reinsurers in the Gulf region and this new form of remuneration is an attractive way for QIC employees to benefit from capital growth and dividend income from QIC shares.  Employee contributions into the QIC Group Savings & Participation Scheme are matched by QIC and employees are able to access real time information about the value of the shares in QIC via Ogier Fiduciary Services’ online portal.

Tania Bearryman, Performance & Reward Management Director at Ogier Fiduciary Services said “This scheme is very attractive to QIC employees as they are able to benefit from the company’s success and expansion.  The QIC’s management have shown great vision in establishing a scheme of this size and scale and we are proud to work with them in setting up and managing the scheme so that they align both their shareholder and employee interests.”

Khalifa Al Subaey, Group President and CEO of QIC Group said “Employees are the major contributors of our group’s success and we are happy that they are able to benefit from the growth of our group through their participation in the QIC Group Savings & Participation Scheme”.