IFS Proshare Employee Share Plans Conference

October 8, 2015

Shane Hugill will be attending the IFS Proshare Employee Share Plans Conference in London on the 8 October 2015.

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The 23rd annual conference is the premier event in the employee share plans calendar.  It is the perfect opportunity for all individuals involved in employee share plans, companies, administrators, advisors and providers to come together.  The conference is one of the largest events of its kind in the UK and its aim is to set employee share ownership in a broader context and to enhance delegates’ knowledge of these related fields, with an emphasis on their practical application in employee share plans.  This year’s theme is ‘Making Good Decisions’ and will include sessions on emerging science of behavioural economics and financial performance of companies with significant employee ownership.  Shane welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and your colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact Shane if you would like to arrange a meeting, or visit him at the conference.

Shane Hugill

T: +44 1534 673786

E: shane.hugill@elian.com