Credit Flux Credit Symposium on CLO’s London

May 6, 2015

Gary Webb will be attending the Credit Flux Credit Symposium on CLO’s in London on 6 May.

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As returns diminish in other asset classes, growing numbers of investors are turning to credit. Gary Webb will be joining leading investors, managers and dealers on 6 May in London to network and discuss the best opportunities and the challenges facing the market. There will be a focus on several areas of the market that are drawing particular investor interest. They include the booming market for CLOs globally, the fast-growing direct lending business where Europe is quickly catching up with the disintermediated US middle market, and niche credit strategies that promise returns uncorrelated with other sectors. Gary welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and your colleagues. Please contact him if you would like to arrange a meeting.

Gary Webb

T: +44 20 7160 5002