We recognise that our business is a people business and we invest significantly in recruiting , training and developing our staff

Earlier this year Elian was acquired by Intertrust, one of the global leaders in trust and corporate administration services.

Combining our two companies means that we benefit from increased scale and we’re able to work with even more of the best people in our industry. We also now operate from 41 offices in 30 of the most important financial markets around the world. And, we benefit from the stability of Intertrust being a listed company.

Elian will rebrand to Intertrust mid December. Together, we recognise that our business is a people business and we’ll continue to invest significantly in recruiting, training and developing our staff.

What does this mean if I apply for a job at Elian?

You’ll be applying to join one of the global leaders in our industry. Our international presence, diverse client base and range of services will give you the chance to find the right career path for you.

We’ve always been committed to our people and with Intertrust, we’ll continue to support you with the very best personal and professional development and training – to make sure you’re well equipped to take your next step up the career ladder.

If you’re keen to get some experience working abroad, we’ll also be able to offer an International Mobility Programme. This gives employees a chance to work in another country for short or longer term assignments. Great for building relationships with overseas colleagues and being truly immersed in another culture.

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of a global leader, check out our list of current vacancies, or get in touch.

Find out more about Intertrust here.